quarta-feira, 8 de outubro de 2014

1st Month, Internet and All These Little Things

It has been one month now since I came to Auckland. Well actually 6/10 was the exact date. But because we lost internet for 3 days including six of October I wasn't able to post anything on the blog (Now for example, I`m using my school internet.)

Let me explain shortly about how internet works here. When you move to a place, Hostel or rent an students apartment usually they came with a separated offer for internet. The common one is to pay for a quantity of 'data' in a certain period of time. For us, here, we have paid for 15 GB of data to use in a week. Unexpectedly, we used in only 3 days. And that cost each 10 $, even that don`t seems to much, in one month will be 100 $ when actually we can pay much less with a unlimited data plan of other companies. The problem: we are not aloud to install cables here. So we will work in this situation during the week.

The good thing is, besides the internet, it has more advantages than disadvantages in living sharing the apartment. Like food, cost way less.

But this post is not only about the first month, internet and living together. Is also about these little things that if you pay attention while walking on streets you can appreciate
changes, like:

Street behind YMCA hostel on the day I came in.
 With no leafs on trees

This one, when I leaved YMCA. See the difference.

And not only trees, Skytower now got a different color. Since October is the month to remember the fight against breast cancer, in honor to that, Skytower is all illuminated in pink.

Maybe it`s time to see this new world in a new way.


Our trip continues!

See ya!

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