segunda-feira, 22 de setembro de 2014

First REAL Trip (Rotorua + Taupo & Coromandel) part 3



After everyone jumps from the Taupo`s Bungee, it was like 11:30 am and we were late to get in Coromandel, we depart fast from Taupo just stopping at Mac Donalds to lunch, and as happy kids that we were we could not miss the opportunity to each on the famous "Mac Plane". - Photos of the plane at the end -,

On our way to Coromandel and Cathedral Cove - where they actually film a scene of Narnia: - we were stopped by the police another time when one of the cars was at 130 km/h when trying to pass a car on the road. Luckily nothing happens just a warning and we were able to continue our trip.

It took to long to get into Coromamdel, we park the car around 3:30 pm, it had to make a trail on our way down to Cathedral Cove. Just a 30 minutes walking and then... well, I will let the pictures speaks for themselves:

We stay there until the sunset and then return to Auckland. On our way back we could see a night sky full with stars like diamonds, filling the entire blackness. I got a little bit sad because I could not take any pictures of that sky, but that its OK, I intend to go back there, with a better camera and register everything. 


Our Trip continues!

See ya!

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