sábado, 6 de setembro de 2014

17 hours of flight and First day

Unbelievable. If there is any word which I can use to describe everything that came up today! 
First, the flight of incredible 12 hours, plus the other flights becoming nearly 17 hours straight. Seriously, it's not for everyone. Stressful, annoying some times, the only thing that saves it is the games, series and movies that you can watch, the food is also 'ok'. Moving on.
The very first thing that got my attention at Auckland International Airport was the facility to walk and understand locations, but also, the long distance between the place you land and the place you recover your baggage. After that, before I went to the hostel, I had some time to take those pictures (below).
Later on, we (me and 3 others friends from Brazil) came to our hostel. A very good place, well located. Unlucky we arrived by 5am and the receptionist could only aloud us to check in around 7am, so we have to wait, again. In that waiting that I most felt the effects of the flights, fuse and everything. It became serious when a felt dizzy. But after a few, we got our keys and came up. Was around 8am I guess. Rest a little bit, get out, take more pictures, but nothing stunning yet. The good ones will came after tomorrow when I will walk more thought the city.
At the end, by the night we meet others that like us are from Brazil (a total of almost 30!) And enjoyed the night life of Auckland. Amazing.
No further.. I should continue to describe my trip tomorrow.
See ya!

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